Wallpaper is the most common alternative used since before the 18th century to cover and decorate the interior space. Initially, it was used by riches to add some colour, to cover the unattractive looking walls and to keep the heat away from the walls. Wallpapers may not be what it’s used to be but, it is still a wall-finishing option worth considering. It has evolved a lot and continuously been recreating with some advantageous traits like blocking WiFi waves, protecting walls from falling during earthquakes or for lightning purposes. Here we will discuss vinyl wallpaper and things you need to know about them. 


A very vast range of wallpaper is made of vinyl. It’s a synthetic man-made plastic material that is popularly used due to its durability and effectiveness. It consists of a base and a vinyl film layered on the top. The designs are printed on paper and then topcoat with vinyl, the filming provides durability, helps in being long-lasting, and washable. They are easy to maintain and install.

Talking about the variety, you specifically get three types to choose from. They might look similar but each kind has its benefit, different threshold of wear and tear to withstand. 

Solid vinyl wallpaper

Solid vinyl wallpaper base is completely made of vinyl that can tolerate water and scrubbing. This option pops up first in the mind while searching for vinyl wallpaper. They are best for high traffic areas like a child’s room, kitchen and bathroom. 

They are durable, washable, protected to scratching and tearing. 

They mostly come prepasted so you do not require any additional adhesive. 

Vinyl coated wallpaper

The base layer used in it is usually paper that is treated with acrylic vinyl or polyvinyl chloride. The coating protects the wallpaper from the water damage, as the coating adds an extra layer of protection from humidity and moisture. 

They are somewhat durable, water-resistant, stain-resistant, withstand scrubbing but they can tear and scratch easily. 

Fabric backed vinyl wallpaper

It won’t be wrong if I say it’s a mixture of beauty and durability. Fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper comprises a thick woven fabric base instead of the paper base and the top layer is coated with vinyl. Along with being durable fabric-backed wallpaper is washable, scrub-able and strip-able as well. 

These papers are adequate for high traffic areas such as hallways, playroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, kids room, etc. 

These are again categorised into sections: 

 Type I (Light duty): light-duty vinyl wallpapers are used in offices, hospitals, patient rooms, and hotel rooms. They are also called 15Oz 

Type II (medium duty): they are ideal for high traffic or public areas like – foyers, lounges, corridors, classrooms, and wards.

Type III (High duty): they are for high traffic regions where more wall protections are needed. 

Blown Vinyl Wallpaper

In blown vinyl, the vinyl surface contains small air pockets that expand its thickness, allowing it to be embossed with surface design. They are made up of durable and water-resistant vinyl. They are favourable for the living room and kitchen. The wallpapers are available in various textures as well as plain.

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1.How long does vinyl wallpaper last

Vinyl wallpaper is arguably one of the most durable types of wallpaper available in the market. Some of the options are washable, scratch & moisture resistant and if maintained well they can even last up to 15 years. The longevity of these wallpaper also relies on the installation, and if it’s properly, they can last 3times as long as paint.

  1. Can vinyl wallpaper be used in the bathroom

Among the myriad perks of vinyl wallpaper, one of them is its moisture resistance quality, they do not absorb moisture, which makes them perfect to be used in such an environment. Moreover, they are waterproof and washable and can be maintained pretty well even if you have kids around.

  1. How to remove vinyl wallpaper

Removal of vinyl wallpaper follows pretty much the same procedure as other wallpapers.

  • Start by peeling the paper.
  • Spray liquid wallpaper remover onto the residual paper and leave it for some time.
  • Now using the sponge or fine cloth, scrape it off from the walls.
  1. Will wallpaper stick on textured walls

Yes, since we have numerous types of vinyl wallpaper alternatives, there exist peel and stick wallpaper that can brilliantly work even on textured walls.

  1. How to hang vinyl wallpaper

Our 1st advice is to leave the job in the hands of pros, however, if you want to DIY then follow the steps:

  1. Peel off the existing wallpaper and prepare the walls
  2. Apply wallpaper adhesive using a roller
  3. Seam inside corners and start hanging the paper
  4. Using a fine cloth gently smooth out the paper and remove all the entrapped air bubbles
  5. Wipe in the downward direction while fixing the paper on the place.

6. Repeat the same process to cover the entire walls, but make sure you don’t leave any gaps between the linings.



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