If I call a bedroom a little nest – just like that tiny bird you need to choose the twigs carefully to make it as comfortable as your own heaven, then perhaps I won’t be wrong! In the human nest, ‘twigs’ implies the furniture, decor, flooring and most importantly the walls. A bedroom wall is certainly a chance to put your stamp on the room you can call your own. And when it comes to the wall, we all know there is no easier & better way other wallpaper to emphasize the oasis which reflects your personality. But to achieve that you need to turn the right key to choose a palette and pattern wallpaper for the wall that suits the aesthetic while adding beauty to your boudoir.

1 Sweet Mint

A light mint wallpaper with a dainty floral print radiantly spread its sweetness as it gets. But to enfold the beauty around the corner it requires adding furniture carefully.

2 Leaves for life

The artistic and bold leaf print wallpaper takes a nod to sunnier days which instantly brightens the room and fills with positive energy. They are the most picked and most preferred wallpaper design for creating a standout feature and adding a new vibe.

3 Strips

Talking of wallpaper for the wall, how can we not include strips on the list! Decorate your bedroom walls with the classic, simplest and surest stripe design to make the wall stand out and complimentary your fashion chic.

4 Animal print

Be it clothing or your walls, animals print never leave the trait of changing the style statement. From light colour palette and black and white zebra print to yellow hue leopard, they are indeed a perfect way to spread wonder to your space.

5 Geometrics

If you are a geometric pattern lover then this is for you! This time play tricky by putting shimmering metallic motif wallpaper and tick all the style boxes at once.

6 3d wallpaper

If we are on the hunt for finding brilliant wallpaper ideas then how can we ignore the 3D embossed print which is a certain way of adding life to the room. But be sure and pay attention while choosing 3D wallpaper for bedroom walls as not all prints go along with the limited space.

7 Wildlife

Adding wildlife into real life is a new way to mix two worlds. And certainly one of the successful and brilliant ways to infuse glamour and create a statement bedroom.

8 Blush Pink tint

For a refreshing bedroom, discover the wallpaper which has a solid cool background with a blush pinkish tint pattern. This will add character while keeping the neutral yet stylish.

9 Aurora

When Aurora said “and I was running far away

Would I run off the world someday” we all felt like finding solace in the outer world! So this time create your own galaxy in your own room with the purple-hued galaxy wallpaper. For more real impact don’t leave the ceiling bare, either paste the wallpaper on them or use Galaxy lights.

10 Lovely lavender

Since the colour is so in trend then it perhaps not a bad idea to give a room into your room if you are also a lavender fan. With the blend of white furniture, they absolutely enhance the vibe of the room and give you leverage to enter into the fairy tale & unicorn world.

11 Shimmering Shine

To sprinkle the shimmering bliss go for light coloured wallpaper that has shiny texture in it to create a lightly iridescent wall.

12 Bohemian

As in 2021 bohemian style has been whirling around to change the game of your master bedroom. So indeed they can be a good substitute for elevating the overall interest of the room.

13 New Neutral

The neutrals never go out style for bringing the lux to the house. From PVC wallpaper to grasscloth and faux suedes (which are trending anyway) they come in varied varieties and are particularly well fitted for the colour averse.

14 Flawless fluorescent

For taking the style game above board try the newly embarked fluorescent wallpaper which gives a clean scenic eye-soothing visual at day and sparkling, gleamy vibe in the dark. This wallpaper won’t even require turning on your night lamp as with the mild light they got it all.

15 On the clouds

In case if you want to dive into the clouds then the watercolor cloud wallpaper is the surest way to convert the room into truly heavenly and between the clouds moreover with dreamy textures and calming colors, this is the key to sounder sleep.

So now when you are all set the chance of aesthetic flex then without further ado get on the plane.

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