What is the new paint? 21 strokes clever to remove!


Newly renovated houses, often exudes a pungent smell of paint, seriously affecting the family’s health. Data show that 80% of the newly renovated room there is excessive formaldehyde, decoration pollution in the harmful gas will continue to release up to 3 to 8 years, and modern home improvement in the use of a large number of synthetic materials, harmful gases are almost hidden in every corner of the home. How to eliminate the taste of home improvement after the paint it? This is a lot of small partners to renovate the house after the trouble today Paul to teach you 21 kinds of methods to remove the paint at home, to ensure that you also a fresh and healthy new space

1, oil decorated a new wall or floor, often emitting a pungent smell of paint, and a long time left indoors, make people dizzy, very uncomfortable. At this time you can put two pots of salt in the room, paint taste will soon be eliminated. If it is wood furniture, the smell of paint, you can use tea to scrub several times, paint the taste will be faster to eliminate some. The sofa is contaminated by food and should be removed immediately. If the juice, tea and other pollution, first with a paper towel to absorb moisture, and then use the kitchen in the washing liquid wipe, and finally wipe with water.

2, the milk in addition to the smell of paint tips to boil the milk on the plate, and then the plate on the new paint cabinet, close the cabinet door, over 5 hours or so, the paint smell can be removed.

3, the smell of paint in the air is mainly harmful substances benzene, toluene and xylene, these harmful substances on the human body a lot of damage. There are three main ways to clear:

The first: placed in the home can absorb harmful substances such as: Chlorophytum, aloe, cakes, jasmine, clove, honeysuckle, morning glory and so on.

The second: the use of activated carbon bag adsorption filter harmful gases to achieve the effect of removal. Note that the use of activated carbon package is not the case the bigger the better, to put a few points in the same room, so the effect of adsorption will be much better.

The third: If the taste of the room is particularly large and difficult to go, we must ask a professional air management company, spraying Photocatalyst for processing, to ensure safety.

4, the container filled with cold water, and then add appropriate amount of vinegar on the ventilated room, and open the furniture door. This can be appropriate to evaporate the water to protect the wall paint surface, but also absorb the elimination of residual odor.

5, in the house root candles can effectively remove the paint taste, economical and affordable! Of course, pay attention to the wall to the bad!

6, to quickly remove the residual paint taste, citric acid can be soaked cotton balls, hanging in the interior and wood furniture.

7, just renovated houses tend to have days of water and other pungent smell of chemical raw materials, a broken open jackfruit (a kind of durian-like tropical fruit, but not durian ah !! Durian can be bad !) On the house, because the individual pineapple big (generally watermelon so big), the smell is very strong, a few days can absorb the smell;

8, buy some pineapple in each room put a few, big room can put some more. Because the pineapple is a crude fiber fruit, can play to absorb the paint smell can also be distributed to the smell of pineapple fragrance, to speed up the removal of odor speed, played the best of both worlds

9, placed in the room orange peel, lemon peel and other items, but also a very effective way to taste, but they will not be very effective.

10, you can go to the market to select some high-tech cleansing detergent, it can remove the new decoration room, the new furniture and other harmful gases emitted. According to the person concerned, these deodorant cleaning agents are generally imported products, the use of ammonia compounds and harmful substances chemical reaction, which played a role in cleaning taste. In the newly renovated room, you can put this taste clear detergent into the dish, the disc were placed in each room, combined with scrubbing taste, for several days after the effective removal of unpleasant smell.

11, the most economical and beautifully home method is of course at home to put the right flowers and plants. Can absorb formaldehyde plants are cactus, Chlorophytum, Fu Lang (also known as Gerbera), reed, ivy, iron tree, chrysanthemum, And the elimination of xylene flowers are ivy, iron tree, chrysanthemum and so on.

12, pomegranate: also known as pomegranate, sea pomegranate, Dan if. Flower proverb said, “flower pomegranate red like fire, both view flowers and fruit, air lead do not want to hide,” indoor pendulum two pomegranates, can reduce the amount of lead in the air.

13, turtle bamboo: also known as turtle banana, Penglai banana, wire lotus, through the dragon palm, evergreen vine plants. Flower proverb said, “turtle bamboo strong, carbon dioxide swept away,” it has a strong absorption of carbon dioxide at night, more than six times higher than other flowers. Canna: also known as red flowers banana, corn, cactus, wide ginger. Flower proverb said, “Cannabis strong resistance, sulfur dioxide it can drop,” it has a strong absorption of sulfur dioxide performance.

14, Pittosporum: Pittosporum, also known as Baozhu Xiang, Qili incense, evergreen shrubs, summer flowering, leaves green and bright, evergreen is not withered. Flower proverb said, “Qili Xiangyan smoke, but also a good sound insulation plant”, it can absorb photochemical smog, but also dust and sound insulation. Rose, rose: flower proverb said, “Rose rose big belly, swallowed the gas can digest”, these two flowers more to absorb hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen fluoride, phenol, ether and other harmful gases, to reduce the pollution of these gases.

15, daisy, evergreen: daisies, also known as Yanju chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, Xiaoya chrysanthemum, glass chrysanthemum, Malan head flower. Flower proverb said, “daisy evergreen, in addition to pollution hit the vanguard”, the two plants can effectively remove the pollution of trifluoroethylene.

16, stone: also known as Luoyang flowers, grass bamboo, perennial herbaceous plants, many types of bamboo, summer and autumn flowers. Flower proverb said, “grass carnation, can clean the gas”, it has the ability to absorb sulfur dioxide and chloride, where there is a similar gas, can be planted carnation.

17, Chlorophytum, aloe vera: flower proverb said, “Chlorophyta aloe is a strong hand, formaldehyde scared to avoid walking”, these two flowers can eliminate formaldehyde pollution, so that air purification.

18, chrysanthemum, iron tree, growth rattan: flower proverb said, “chrysanthemum iron tree grow vine, can clean the benzene gas”, these three kinds of flowers, have the ability to absorb benzene, benzene can reduce pollution.

19, the current visible formaldehyde capture agent can penetrate the artificial plate within the formaldehyde free molecules produce active adsorption, capture and react, once the reaction to produce non-toxic polymer compounds, will never break down, so as to achieve rapid and effective elimination of formaldehyde purposes.

20, formaldehyde capture agent

Formaldehyde capture agent is a formaldehyde removal products, the use of simple operation, direct brushing or sprayed on the surface of wood products such as man-made sheet can be. It is also a way to paint the taste.

21, nano-materials, environmental protection process: it in the production process, adding nanocomposites, the degradation mechanism is in the light conditions, these harmful substances into carbon dioxide, water and harmless organic acids. Will be like the painting hanging in the room, that is elegant and chic, but also clean the living room environment, it touches the best of both worlds. General room, the living room can be linked to a painting, the new decoration room hope to stay immediately or serious pollution sources (many people often smoking), hope that a little more air anions, you can also hang a few paintings at the same time.

The above 21 kinds of methods, there is always a suitable for your home. If the new home with a small baby, mother or old people living together, we must create a fresh and healthy for their home environment! Family health is the greatest happiness.