As the mainstream wall decoration material in the current interior, the wall covering is soft in color, delicate in contact and different in flower style, which can adjust the atmosphere of the bedroom very well.

Then the question comes, what color is chosen for the bedroom wall covering, how to choose the bedroom wall covering, this article will explain at length for you.

Color classification of wall coverings
1, dark color wall covering
Dark-coloured wall coverings are suitable for larger bedrooms. When choosing such wall coverings, focus on the color and brilliance. Use shiny curtains or bedding to coordinate them.

2, flower pattern wall structure covering
There is a flower style is the design, the flower pattern should pay attention to the pattern and the entire decoration style when paving, of course, you can also make a reasonable match according to your own preferences. Such as European style, American design, Chinese style, contemporary minimalist style, etc., wall structure covering can decorate the experience you want.

3, vertical striped wall structure covering
Vertical stripes will boost the space’s extension. If the elevation of the room is not enough, you can select the stripes that match the size of the room. The long strip design is simple and elegant, easy to match, contemporary and traditional.

4, chilly and warm color wall structure covering
The cool colors are generally blue, green and gray, and the warm colors are generally red and yellow. We must first determine the main color of the bedroom according to your own preferences. Second of all, the colour of the wall covering should match the furniture, curtains and carpets, that may show up harmonious and unified.

Precautions for purchasing wall structure coverings
1, security
Safety may be the first consideration for all home improvement products. As a new generation of wall components, wall fabric has been more popular because of its safety performance. Environmentally friendly performance of good brand wall coverings has basically exceeded the nationwide requirements for building materials environmental protection standards.

2, dustproof, Original Wall paper waterproof and stainproof
High-quality wall coverings have been treated with 3 anti-soil treatments, that have better waterproof and oil-repellent properties. Such wall coverings can save you a lot of worry in your daily life.

3, mold proof
At the moment, the wall covering products basically have great mildew resistance, and the anti-mildew work should be completed from the wall surface area treatment. For example, the wall ought to be dry, the bottom film ought to be of top quality, and the base film should be evenly painted.