pvc wallpaper

In a few decades, the usage of wallpaper has broadened in households and offices. It is intensively gaining popularity, breaking the norm of using paint decoration materials. The reason for their intensive use is their visual kind of designs and options which meets the desires of modern young people. Wallpapers do not only have a wide selection range, furthermore, but it also fulfils the requirements of the environment protection. They are not just beautiful, versatile, expressive wall covering options, but also have evolved a lot in terms of technology like- some protects from WiFi signals, some are sound absorbent while some protect from moulds, regardless gone are the days of frustrating wallpaper that was difficult to install and remove. 

Among all the varied options, in this blog, we are featuring PVC or coated vinyl wallpaper.

PVC wallpaper

PVC is one of the good wallpaper material types as well as the most affordable option available and this is what makes it secure a place in the top pick list. Composed of high molecular polymers, precisely, it consists of a paper base and a layer of acrylic coating sprayed over it, the extra layer on the top makes this wallpaper moisture resistant. 

Apart from intensifying interior beauty and being cost-effective or cheaper, it has some advantages and disadvantages. 


Brings life to the room: As we already know it comes with a wide selection range, the surface of the wallpaper can be printed, embossed and foamed, it can characterize whatever you want.  It permits your walls to imitate its story like- it can be natural stone, a replica of wood and brocade. Moreover, the patterns give character to your room and make it much more interesting.

Performance: It can be customized according to the need, they can be processed into products with sound absorbent, heat-insulated, flame retardant and mildew proof. 

Easy to maintain: The extra coating of vinyl empowers it with extra durability. They can withstand moisture, are easy to clean (you just to glide your damp sponge), not easy to dew, and do not get damaged by machinery. These are the characteristics of normal PVC wallpapers, but nowadays you even get the option of waterproof PVC wallpaper which are much more durable and are best for bathrooms and kitchen. 

Easy pasting: Some PVC wallpapers are prepasted while the paper-based can be pasted using ordinary 107 adhesives or latex white glue. 

Long-lasting: Unlike some wallpapers, it doesn’t get faded when exposed to heat, it has a strong resistance to acid and alkali, besides they are water-resistant so the accumulated dirt can be easily scrubbed off. 


Complicated in the installation: If you choose normal PVC paper you might face difficulty while installation if it’s not done correctly, you might end up creating a mess.

However, the shortcomings can be overcome by choosing high-quality PVC wall covering, moreover this time we have got you PVC wallpapers for sale. 

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  1. What is PVC wallpaper?

PVC wallpaper is decorative wallpaper widely used as a substitute for paint. They are the cheapest, surest and most excellent way to enhance the aesthetic of the Interior. They are composed of high molecular polymers, which also adds more benefits and provides them with a long life.

  1. Is PVC wallpaper waterproof?

Yes, water resistance is one of the prominent characteristics of PVC wallpaper, they have a strong design and the waterproofing quality makes them long-lasting and also the most popular option to go with if there will be kids hanging out in the area.

3. How do you apply PVC wallpaper?

    1. Prepare the surface
    2. Measure the walls and organize the wallpaper piece accordingly.
    3. Apply the adhesive on walls using a roller or paintbrush and let it active.
    4. Install the first strip or piece.
    5. Follow the same process to cover the entire room.

4. Advantages of PVC wallpaper

There are myriad advantages of PVC wallpaper some of them are:

They are moisture-resistant, durable, long-lasting, washable, affordable and easy to install.

They come in a range of variety, designs and colour.

They are safe and environmentally friendly.

5. Is PVC wallpaper safe?

The one-word answer is, yes, they are! The wallpaper is made out of environmentally friendly materials which don’t cause any harm to the human body.

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1. Q: Are you factory or trading company?
A: We are not only a trading company but also a professional fabric wallpaper/wall cloth factory.

2. Q: What is your MOQ?
A: The minimum order quantity is 2.8 square meters.(1meters)
3. Q: How many wall cloth collections do you have?
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4. Q: Do you provide free samples?
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5. Q: Which size do you have?
A: Our length is not limited, but in width, we only have 2.8-3.0 meters.
6. Q: Can you accept customization?
A:Yes,we can make produces based on customer’s design.
7 .Q: Is there any color difference?
A: There is some slight color difference between different batches of wall covering,
so pls purchase enough square meters or rolls at a time to make sure they come
from the same batch to avoid color difference.
8. Q: What should I do if I want to know more details or make order?
A: Pls write enquiry directly to our sales in Alibaba. And we will talk details with you
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