A manutenção do papel de parede é importante


According to the wallpaper of different materials, their maintenance methods are also different, the following for everyone to provide several different materials wallpaper maintenance points. Wallpaper maintenance needs to be combined with the product material for processing, commonly used materials are generally divided into the following categories: PVC plastic wallpaper, non-woven products, pure paper-based products

1、PVC plastic wallpaper

General high-quality PVC plastic wallpaper with moisture, fire, non-toxic plasticizer, no formaldehyde radiation, flame retardant, wear, chemical resistance and other advantages. Clean PCV plastic surface can be used when the first water scrub or colorless clean wet towel gently wipe, if there is obvious stains can not be cleared and then use the neutral clean economy diluted wipe.

When the temperature is low, PVC wallpaper can be used to wash some warm water, heat will make the PVC surface stains faster decomposition clearance. In the high temperature, because the surface of PVC molecules are more active, in the water when the water is too clean or too high temperature will accelerate the infiltration of water into the bottom of the wallpaper, it is not appropriate to use warm water.

2、Non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper with moisture, breathable, flexible, light, non-combustion, easy to break down, non-toxic non-irritating, rich colors, recyclable and so on. Due to the appearance of cloth and some performance and called the cloth. Clean the nonwovens Apply feathers to dust, and then use a clean wet towel to use the paste method to maintain cleanliness. Use of wallpaper in the process should be as much as possible to protect the surface of the stains. If the surface of the wallpaper is dusty, use a vacuum cleaner to remove or sweep the surface of the wallpaper with feather duster.

3、Pure paper wallpaper

Pure paper wallpaper is divided into two kinds: original wood pulp paper and recycled wood pulp paper. The quality of the original wood pulp paper is relatively good, the surface is relatively smooth, single proportion of the proportion of weight. Recycled paper toughness compared to the weak, the surface mostly foam or semi-foam type. Pure paper wallpaper water resistance compared to the weak, the construction of the surface is best not to overflow rubber, such as accidentally overflow rubber, do not wipe, with a clean sponge or towel test. If you are using pure starch glue, can also be completely dry after the brush with a brush brush.

Clean the wallpaper with a lot of methods, but must be based on the situation of the wallpaper to choose the right way to clean, otherwise it will lead to wallpaper damage, affecting the appearance of wallpaper and moisture resistance.

1、Surface dust treatment

For the wall of the wallpaper surface dust, the general choice can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Do not wipe the cloth with water, the sample can not only effectively dust, but also make the surface of the wallpaper stains.

2、Ordinary stains clean

If the wallpaper is accidentally stained, use a soft cloth, stained with water, and then twisted to no dripping. Gently wipe the surface, can effectively deal with the general material.

Color pen stains clean

If the wallpaper on the inadvertently stained pen stains, especially the home of a child with friends. You can choose to use rubber, soap and water to remove the stains.

The pencil stains are used to gently wipe the surface with a rubber; if it is watercolor pen stains can be wiped with soap and water, and then use a soft dry cloth to see the King; if it is a crayon with a sponge gently wipe clean; Towels to clean.

Grunge clean

For some stubborn oil stains, soup stains, etc., you can choose to dilute the detergent into a low concentration of the mixture, the general ratio of cleaning agent and water 1: 3. And then dipped in a soft wipe, wring dry wipe.

In the daily life caused by a variety of wallpaper damage causes, we can find from the reasons to maintain the main points of the wallpaper and solve the damage method

1、Wallpaper tilt processing

Wallpaper is generally because of the temperature and humidity changes in the thermal expansion and contraction caused by the phenomenon, generally only need to use professional wallpaper glue paste, and with flat objects, such as books, such as table tennis ball pressure can be a pressure.

2、Wallpaper blistering

If the wallpaper inside the wall has a bubble phenomenon, generally due to the wall when the paste paste uneven, due to lack of glue caused by blistering. Can be used to sew the needle in the bubble on the surface of the location of a small hole, the release of gas, take the right amount of adhesive into the pinhole sticky tight, and finally flattened with the books to dry.

3、Wallpaper moldy treatment

As the “back to the South” indoor air vapor too much, coupled with poor indoor ventilation, mold will be on the wallpaper breeding. To deal with wallpaper moldy can first use a dry cloth to wipe the wall, and then 84 disinfectant half bottle cap to add 4 cups of water, or use diluted professional wallpaper cleaner, even after deployment, used to wipe the wall with mildew surface.

In addition to this, you can also use the spray method to deal with wallpaper. Will be diluted with a good disinfectant or detergent added to the sprayer, facing the wall moldy parts of the local spray, and then dry with a dry cloth.

4、Wallpaper damage handling

Wallpaper damage is often something, usually due to being scratched by hard objects or when moving accidentally bruised. Then a small area of damage can be used glue patch repair; if the larger general recommended re-paving.

一、Select breathable material

The wallpaper has a wide range of materials, nonwovens wallpaper, PVC plastic wallpaper, plain paper wallpaper, natural wallpaper products, including non-woven wallpaper, the best air permeability, easy to wall water vapor discharge.

二、Make sure the walls are dry

After the completion of the cement, the general need to maintain 20 days to 40 days, so that the wall to completely dry, in order to pave the wallpaper. But also pay special attention to whether there is sand mixed with sand, because the sea sand with high salt content, easy to absorb moisture. Of course, should fill the wall gap, so as not to cause hollowing.

三、Pay attention to paving quality

As the saying goes: “three points seven division”, no matter how good the material is not skilled in the construction quality is in vain. Paving in addition to pay attention to whether the alignment of the alignment, but also accurate to take out the width of the fixed slot shrinkage, but also try to avoid the contraction of the mouth directly to the welcome air outlet.

四、Proper maintenance

Whether in the construction period, or after the completion of the 24 hours, try not to open the doors and windows, because the excessive convection wind will cause the wallpaper dry, resulting in uneven condition of contraction. And after completion is to pay attention to adjust the ventilation, to prevent moisture into the impact of the firmness of the paste.