Papel de parede 3d

The modern market for finishing materials includes many ways to design surfaces. The interior design sensation is now taking the design industry by storm, among all the things, wallpapers are standing out from the crowd. Wallpapers are a fantastic tool if you want to add a huge visual punch. However, continuously advancing designs has made a huge place on the sacks. Recently, on the shelves of stores began to reappear 3D effect wallpaper, though we can’t say it’s something new. If we look back, we can trace our ancestors had already used this technique before. Back then they used to crave out the walls for the 3D effect. 

Nowadays, people are adopting this wallpaper widely to make their homes more exciting and welcoming. 

3D Wallpapers bring headway with bolder creating vibrant prints and implanting modern texture to homes. They give the illusion of depth into the walls, the designs trick the eye but delight the guests by creating the fallacy of more space. The wallpapers possess the ability to transform any room and grab the attention of the viewer. The intricate detailing, shading, and lighting effects renders the wallpaper image to appear pop off the walls.  

However, modern 3D wallpaper still attracts some scepticisms so, before your purchase, hear the pros and cons of it.


Attractive: Of course this is the first thing we consider while making a choice and this is also the first thing that distinguishes 3d wallpaper from other types of wall coverings. They look good allowing the realistic composition in any interior. 

Visual expansion: The deep image creates an illusion of a bigger space. However, for small spaces choose the designs carefully 3D walls only look great and pop up from a certain distance. 

Variety of design: Be it digital print mural wallpaper, floral designs, 3D grid, nature 3D wallpaper or your photo the list is unending, you get so many options to play with. You can either choose from the existing design or you can get it customised and another reason for it getting so popular. Nowadays people order printing of photo wallpapers according to their sketch or it also can be a family photo, picture, illustration and so on. 

Easy to care: They are not particularly made of one material although they have one common feature. All 3D wallpapers have a special protective and dust-proof vinyl layer that makes it easier to clean with the damp cloth or sponge without fear of ruining it. The vinyl layers also provide it durability and wear resistance. 


Can kill the appearance: Although there are many beautiful textures and prints, if not chosen wisely, it can kill the outcome you wanted. The design can dominate the overall home decor. 

Professional help: Unlike other wallpapers, you might not install it by yourself. Installing the 3D wallpaper requires proper tools and expert hands. To apply the wallpaper flawlessly: preparation, application, smoothing, experience and proficiency are must-have. 

Expensive to install: Nothing classy comes at a cheap price hence, 3D papers are not quite reasonable in terms of cost. Installation requires experts, additionally, the cost of 3D wallpaper price is high compared to others, summing up the whole points, the total cost of installation is much more than other options. 

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1. What is the average cost of 3D wallpaper?

The price of 3D wallpaper is not fixed; it keeps varying depending on the design, type, measurement, style, etc. However, you can check the prices of your preferred style and design on

2. What is 3D wallpaper for home?

3D wallpaper is a substitute for pain and has been widely used to enhance the visual of the interior. The illustrative wallpaper is mostly picked to add dimension, depth, and perception to the wall.

3. The latest trend in 3D wallpaper

Solitary, rolled, panoramic, fluorescent, LED light are some of the 3D wallpaper show-stealing options in the current market. With their attractive design with a modern touch, they are simply acing the interior visual game.

4.How to install 3D wallpaper?

Installing the 3D wallpapers certainly doesn’t require fighting tooth and nail. You can master the basics and skills by just activating your common sense, right tools, and of course some practice, that’s all!

The 1st step is always the same i.e. removing the old paper and cleaning the walls.

Prepare the wall

Take measurements and cut the paper accordingly

If it is self-adhesive then remove the corner of the backing paper and place it on the correct spot, once you are sure it’s aligning perfectly then gradually start removing the paper and sticking it in the place.

If it is not “peel and stick wallpaper” then paint the wall with wallpaper adhesive, leave it for a few minutes and repeat the same process.

While sticking, take a cloth or any hard object to press and swing in the downward direction to remove the entrapped air.

5. Is 3D wallpaper customizable?

Yes, you can customize 3D wallpaper. Whether you want to feature your one wall with your happy picture/memory or you want to put up something you love, you can get printed whatever you like.

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1. P: Você é uma fábrica ou uma empresa comercial?
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