At present, there are several kinds of wallcoverings available, such as rubber PVC wallpapers, pure paper wallpapers, metal wall covering, liquid wallpapers and so on. Recently, a new type of material wallconerings – nonwoven wallpapers began to popular in the domestic high-end home market, mainly utilized for living area, bedroom or study decoration. As the shape made out of fabric is more concave and convex, it really is easier to personalize. “nonwoven wall covering is fairly popular in European countries and the United States. This kind of wallcovering is mainly manufactured from cotton and hemp, and it imgdoes not need textiles, so that it offers excellent environmental efficiency.”

In order to meet the needs of the marketplace, a new type of non-woven wallpapers has been formulated. The wallcovering is constructed of a foundation paper and a textile with great surroundings permeability, and the nonwoven fabric 3D wall paper contains a special component that absorbs dangerous chemical components in the indoor air and stops pests and diseases. Exceptional function of mildew proof and deodorization. Relating to experts, the nonwoven wall coverings with cotton and hemp as the main materials are created by orienting or randomly arranging some fibers to make them come in the framework of the web, and reinforced by mechanical and popular bonding methods. to create. There are 2 types of nonwoven wallconeringss. One kind of wallpaper is a non-woven fabric. The nonwoven wallconerings has the benefits of stable size and stable growth ratio. There is no deformation and seam at the seam, which is suitable for large-area paving. The various other is a mixture of a pure paper surface layer and a non-woven base level. It combines the balance of the nonwoven fabric with the wonder of the wallpapers. The color pattern is wealthy and easy to substitute, which can meet the needs of customers’ individualized decoration.