Pet acoustic panel polyester

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1) Made of 100% polyester fiber by hot-pressing and shaped as cotton with advanced technology. The maximum sound absorption coefficient can be as high as 0.94.

2) Simple decorating style, and flexible, natural looking and available in a variety of modern colors.

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Product name 25mm thick pet acoustic panel polyester acoustical panel
Basic material: 100% high quality Polyester fiber
Brand Name Tianjie
Dikte 9,12mm, customized from 5mm to 18mm
Place of Origin Guangdong China (Mainland)
Colors: More than 40kinds of colors
Standards Spec: 1220*2420*9mm, or customized as per your inquiry.
Sample charge FREE
Payment T/T
Sample lead time 1 days
Loading port Guangzhou 
Order lead time 15-20 days
Packing Every ten with a plastic bag+ carton+ pallets
Feature: Sound absorption, fire resistant, heat insulation, mould-proof, environment-friendly, moisture-proof.
Application: KTV, theatres, auditorium, opera house, hotel, meeting rooms, recording studio, music hall, auditorium, large entertainment city, etc.
NRC 0.8~1
Fire rate B1

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Tianjie Acoustic panels Factory 25mm thick pet acoustic panel polyester acoustical panel

Features of polyester fiber acoustic panel

1) Made of 100% polyester fiber by hot-pressing and shaped as cotton with advanced technology. The maximum sound absorption coefficient can be as high as 0.94.


2) Simple decorating style, and flexible, natural looking and available in a variety of modern colors.
3) With excellent heat insulation property, prevent thermal transmission between the inside and the outside of the door when used as walls or ceilings. it can help save as much as 35% of energy, extend life circle of air-conditioning, and maintain a comfortable and constant temperature environment.

4) It made of polyester fiber, it’s a kind of fireproofing material, have excellent fire fireproofing properties.
5) Environmental friendly, as they do not release any toxic gases or gases that damage the ozone layer.
6) Safe to install, nail or glue is available everywhere, non-irritant and recyclable.
7) With the density of about 220 kg/M3 and 2.07 kg/M2, really lightweight yet effective.

8) Easy to cut with a knife, available in variety of colors and can be printed with different styles of drawings.
9) Physically stable, and do not expand or shrink as the temperature changes.
10) High elastic, not easily to broken by external forces, and able to withstand all kinds of impact in sports stadiums or other sports areas.

11) There is no need to decorate the surface layer and even no need for any supporting materials. Just by simple sticks, drillings, diggings and some other basic operations, the desired acoustic and decorative effects can be achieved. Thus, the overall project cost as well as construction period could be largely reduced.

12) The dust can be easily removed, so they require only a little maintenance. You can flip the dust and impurities with vacuum cleaners or dusters, or use wet towels and detergent to wash them.


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1. wij zijn gespecialiseerd in het ontwerp en de productie van zelfklevende wandtegels sinds 2010.Met een schat aan productervaring en
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1. V: Bent u een fabriek of een handelsmaatschappij?
A: We zijn niet alleen een handelsbedrijf, maar ook een professionele fabriek van stoffen behang/wanddoeken.

2. V: Wat is jullie MOQ?
A: De minimale bestelhoeveelheid is 2,8 vierkante meter (1 meter).
3. V: Hoeveel collecties wanddoeken heb je?
A: We hebben veel producten te bieden en er komen voortdurend nieuwe producten bij.
4. V: Verstrekt u gratis monsters?
A: Ja, we leveren gratis monsters. Als u geïnteresseerd bent in onze stijl, kunt u sturen is
foto naar ons, moet je alleen de levering betalen.
5. V: Welke maat heb je?
A: Onze lengte is niet beperkt, maar in de breedte hebben we maar 2,8-3,0 meter.
6. V: Kunt u maatwerk accepteren?
A:Yes,we can make produces based on customer’s design.
7 .V: Is er kleurverschil?
A: Er is een klein kleurverschil tussen verschillende partijen wandbekleding,
dus koop alstublieft genoeg vierkante meters of rollen tegelijk om er zeker van te zijn dat ze komen
uit dezelfde batch om kleurverschil te voorkomen.
8. V: Wat moet ik doen als ik meer details wil weten of een bestelling wil plaatsen?
A: Pls schrijf vraag rechtstreeks aan onze verkoop in Alibaba. En wij zullen details met u bespreken
over het stoffen behang/wanddoek.