A change, for a change, is all that people look at throughout their lives, be it clothes, mood, place, time or air. When changes are good then how can we overlook the place which brings the ultimate calmness and give a flashback of nostalgia! When we think of giving our interior a makeover then perhaps an array of ideas traverse through the mind causing more confusion, so what do we do? In this case, you need to flick through a recent home interior magazine to see what is buzzing on-trend. Now when we are talking about trends then how can we not talk about the hot trending “brick wallpaper” which is ruling the 2021 market. 

Amidst this pandemic and quarantine if you are bored of the old, archaic interior, then brush it up using brick wallpaper to give your home a contemporary touch. These wallpapers bring the outdoors indoors can alter the mood of a niche instantaneously.

There are tons of tips and techniques on how to make your home feel more rustic. But some just pile up your budget, and some exposed ideas aren’t as feasible as we strive. However, these self-adhesive brick wallpaper are revolutionary which can instantly stimulate natural finish as well as are fantastic alternatives to achieve the look without the hassle.

So, here are few tips to use brick wallpaper to modernise the existing room.

A modern living room

Exposed brick walls are available in a wide variety of hues and texture which are apt for different decorating themes, such as industrial, modern, contemporary etc.

Be it any use the warm tone brick wallpaper goes well with all and add an organic touch to the room. This tone gets more interesting if you add some hinge of greenery or have a green outdoor.

Rustic kitchen

When it comes to indoor rooms and living rooms, not these only places which do well with brick wallpaper, besides the kitchens have also joined the race. Use the rustic red or white brick wallpaper to give the space a bucolic or claiming touch while making it warmer and welcoming.

Brilliant Bedroom

One ancient wall made of exposed bricks are just enough to switch it from boring to bright, so give a modern bedroom a bid dose of personality by adding any coloured brick wallpaper. However, if you prefer shady then grey and black are the best option to add by the side of the bed wall. They are also a great addition for creating a monochrome look.

White walls

If you can’t decide on colours then blindly choose white brick wallpaper as it seamlessly blends with almost all colours and will also add texture to the room. Add some enchanting furniture and lighting and wosh!

These were the few ideas to use this amazing carta da parati in mattoni on your walls. However, if you are still confused and want to talk to our experts then our doors are always open.

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