How to turn waste into treasure


Everything has its own life, whether it is people or things. If the mention of things such as wallpaper is good, the life of the wallpaper is generally a few years time, the decoration of the owners may often encounter such a thing, decoration a few years later, posted a wallpaper, brush the latex paint wall, or Is the floor, the kitchen floor tiles show some problems, the demand for repair or replacement, of course, the premise is better quality wallpaper, such as some imported wallpaper, such as Germany’s Paul wallpaper. If the quality is not guaranteed, then in the new soon will have this or that problem. First do not say good quality problems, if you want to avoid waste, how to make the old and new things to regain new it? In fact, the owners use the rest of the decoration materials for home improvement, is the most appropriate approach, then the low-carbon wallpaper advocate – Paul wallpaper to teach you how to leave the material can turn waste into treasure, in the second decoration to carry forward the “waste heat “

Wallpaper is the most common kind of information, and because the whole volume of sales, so the remaining possibility is the largest. The rest of the wallpaper because the cutting convenience, used to shop drawers, shop closet is the most common practice, and some owners choose the remaining wallpaper to the old desktop, and then pressure glass or paste the cellophane , A new cluster of clusters may be presented.

In fact, the rest of the wallpaper, if it can be painted alone, then posted on the invisible door, coupled with a frame is very simple to constitute a painting of the feelings, do the living room all the wall planning time, the role of appropriate good.

In addition, hanging on the wall of the photo frame, as well as placed small pieces of the bracket, corner, wall shelf shelves, etc., can be wonderful to use the rest of the wood to do; if there is the remaining paint Or wall wallpaper, then the decoration with the room will have a holistic, visual feel will be better. Owners can also use small planks, add a few pulleys, made computer host rack, or move the flower rack, etc., are very useful. Is such a small change, so that may have to enter the garbage heap of things to re-have their value lies. This is a wonderful thing.