Good Quality CMC Powder for Industrial Grade, Thickeners CMC Carboxymethyl Cellulose Adhesive


Merchandise description:
Look: Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC) is a whit to ligEPT yellow powEPTor granular solution.

Oil Drilling Quality CMC
Sort Specification CMC-HV CMC-LV

Viscometer dial studying at 600r/min

In distilled h2o ge30 le90
In 40g/L salt drinking water ge30 le90
In saturated salt h2o ge30 le90
Fluid Decline(ml)
Conforms to API Spec. 13A take a look at techniques
le10. le10.
PH six.five-8. seven.-nine.
Purity ge95. ge80.
Physical appearance Free of charge-flowing white or yellowish powEPTwithout lumps
Obvious Viscosity Filtrate quantity, in seXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Humidity D.S.
ZZLHV PAC-HV Min. fifty Max. 23 ml Max. ten Min. .9
ZZLLV PAC-LV Max. 40 Max. 16 ml Max. ten Min. .9

Textile Quality CMC/Coating Quality CMC
1% Soln, viscosity(mpa.s) four hundred-600 ge1000 a thousand-1500 1500-2000 2000-2500 2500-3000 ge3000
Chlorides,cl% le3. le1.8
Degree of substitution ge1.twenty ge1.10
Reduction on drying le10.
PH worth six.5-eight.5
Paper Making Quality CMC
Physical Kind White Powder
Purity ninety five%
Viscosity four% soln. Mpa.s sixteen-2000
Decline on drying le10%
PH Price 6.5-eight.
Degree of substitution ge0.8

Ceramic Grade CMC
Product Viscosity mPa.s(two%) D.S ge Purity% ge Reduction right after Dry% le PH
Ceramic Entire body one hundred-500 .7 80 ten six.five-8.
Ceramic Glaze 400-800 .eight ninety
four hundred-800 .nine 95
500-one thousand .95
a thousand-1500

one.CMC for Oil Drilling: It can boost viscosity and reduce h2o decline in drilling fluid, cementing fluid and fracturing fluid. It also plaEPTthe role of defending the wall of effectively, using drilling trifles, guarding drilling little bit, preventing mEPTloss and growing drilling fee.
*Usage: include to mEPTdirectly or glue solution preparation.
*Addition: .one-.three% in fresh drinking water mud .five-.8% in salt water mud.
two.CMC Ceramic Quality: It really is used for ceramic embryo, glazing pulp and coloured glaze in ceramic industry.
*Addition:.03%-.2% utilized in ceramic embryo .05-.two% employed in glazing pulp one.4-4.% employed in coloured glaze.
3.CMC Paper Quality: It’s employed in producing pulp so as to improve the retention price and increase humidity and strength when utilized in surface sizing, CMC can improve interior adhesion, reduce printing dust and increase printing high quality as molding reagent. In paper coating, CMC also will help the dispersion and fluidity of paint, improves appearance of paper and smoothness, upgrades optical performance and printing adaptability.
*Addition: .three-one.5%.
4.CMC Development Grade: Employed in construction to improve h2o retention and energy.
five.CMC for other EPT:As coagXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.t, drinking water reXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis., thickener and binder, it’s also used in paint, carpet gum, mosquito coil incense, tobacco, electric welding, textile, battery, printing and other individuals.

Firm info:

ZheEPTng Shuangniu constructing components cellulose Co., Ltd. (previously HangZhou Shuangniu constructing supplies Co., Ltd.), locatesin HangZhou, ZheEPTng , one of the birthplace of cellulose ether in china. It is a higher-tech EPTrprise engaged in scientific investigation, creation and sales of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose. It has its possess rigEPT for export. Over the years, we uphold the strategic thougEPT of safety, rational and sustainable deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment We adhere to innovation, integrity and pragmatic. With profound cultural background and strong technological power on merchandise top quality and customer requirements ,we are prepared to achieve mutual gain new and previous buddies across the world.

Our firm was started in 2006, with a overall investment decision of a hundred and twenty million CNY, coversing an location of one hundred sixty acres. There are personnel of 300.the major item of cellulose ether annual output reaches 20000 tons. We carry German innovative generation engineering to accomplish complete EPT., can satisfy a selection of generation strategies, and enhance the arduous tests process, stable and reputable product high quality, the indicators are by way of the national chemical creating resources take a look at cEPTr monitoring, all conforms to the national stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd. The primary products are Shhuangniu brand, red Shuangniu model, Xerox brand name methyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, redispersible emulsion powder, mortar water reXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. agent, Extrusion board, calcium methyl and other items.

As a EPTworthy partner, double ox building components is fully commited to offering large high quality merchandise to support consumers obtain better good results. We will be scientific administration and pragmatic mindset, to engage in the all round rewards of present day EPTrprises, and the natural and organic blend of economic deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment, environmental protection and social duty of the 3 pillars of enhancement, deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment innovation, initial-class items and services with the buddies from all walks of lifestyle to set up extensive cooperation, shared passions, typical deveXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ment, attain the harmonious EPT desire.

Good Quality CMC Powder for Industrial Grade, Thickeners CMC Carboxymethyl Cellulose Adhesive

Good Quality CMC Powder for Industrial Grade, Thickeners CMC Carboxymethyl Cellulose Adhesive