1, only the bedroom bedside wall
The bedside wall of the bed room is covered with wall coverings, that may add warmth to the bed room and enrich the taste of the bedroom, especially the bed room with large windows. The bedside wall can be affixed with wall structure coverings and matched with curtains. The layering of the bedroom.

Not only that, good wall coverings have the function of audio insulation and warmth insulation, and with appropriate shades, can effectively improve green leaf 176722 340the quality of people’s sleep! Many high-end hotels have wall coverings or soft leather trims on the wall of the bed. That is also the principle.
2, only attached to the TV back wall
The TV wall is generally in the living room. When guests enter the door, they will enter into the first view. Most families will consider it as the first important position in home style.

For the design of it wall, many people will consider matching wine cabinets, paintings, etc. However, because the use of the TV wall is as well saturated, it’ll give people a sense of Classic Wallcovering crowding, so the TV wall is generally the wall with the most white space in the home. At this time, in order to make the home atmosphere much less rigid, the basic paving of the wall covering turns into the best option for it wall.
In addition, it wall is more independent than various other wall decorations in the house, and is less affected by other home furnishings. The choice of style and matching is larger, and it is not necessary to deliberately consider the coordinating problem, provided that it isn’t too exaggerated.

3, wall fabric sofa background
The choice of sofa is closely related to the atmosphere, taste and style of the living room. As the utmost eye-catching large-scale home furniture in the living space, the color design of the ceiling, wall structure, floor, door and home window should be unified to attain a coordinated effect. A good sofa could be matched with the favorite seamless wall structure covering to make the home more beautiful.