How can you clean the wallpaper? The next describes the washing methods and matters needing attention to different stain wallpaper, you can understand!

1 color pen stain cleaning
If there is a stain on the wallpaper, particularly if there exists a kid in the house. You can decide to make use of erasers, soap and drinking water to eliminate 31575253558 a1de798bba stains. Use an eraser to lightly wipe the surface of ordinary pencil spots. If it’s a watercolor pen stains can be utilized soapy water wipe, then make use of a soft dry cloth wipe to start to see the scene; If it’s a crayon stain, clean it with a sponge; Ballpoint pen stains have to be Papier peint en PVC cleaned with a semi-wet towel.

Surface dust treatment
To the dust of wallpaper surface area, choose to use cleaner to completely clean normally ok. Don’t have by all means the fabric that soaks water undertakes wipe, after that kind cannot remove dirt effectively not merely, still could make wallpaper surface produces blemish.

3. Clean common stains
If the wallpaper touches stains carelessly, use a soft cloth to cover with water and wring until it generally does not drip. Gentle wiping of the top can be effective against ordinary substances.

Cleaning of essential oil stains

For a few stubborn oil stains, soup staining, etc., you can choose to dilute the detergent right into a low-concentration blend, and the proportion of general detergent and drinking water is 1:3. Then make use of a soft fabric to dip a little bit, wring dried out wipe.

Matters needing interest for wallpaper cleaning
Wallpaper cleaning maintenance should make use of long-term maintenance and short-term maintenance combined strategies. A few of wallpaper trace is in the accumulation procedure for long time piece by piece form, if do not clean for a long period some stains or seams will not be cleared. For wallpapers, it is suggested to employ a feather duster once a quarter and clean the top every half a year or a calendar year. Short-term treatment mainly emphasizes that the right method ought to be adopted with time when apparent stains appear.
Clean (1) wallpaper cleaning can use clean water as far as possible not to use clean, more cannot use chemical medicine economy.
Ream (2) some color of natural material contaminated wallpaper if not handled regularly once infiltration is difficult to eliminate.
Alleviation (3) towel wipes wallpaper if appear apparent juncture, describe towel dampness is too much should twist again dry towel, general juncture is waited for wallpaper to dry hind can eliminate by oneself.
Start (4) clean wallpaper ought to be in a few partial to avoid corner or door after concealment place starts, avoid to seem adverse reaction to cause wallpaper damage.