As the face work of the whole family, the wall has always been the focus of attention in conditions of color and materials selection. Of training course, the first entanglement can be wall paint or wallpaper, these two materials almost end up being the only choice for everyone, wall paint is affordable, but if you would like to make the wall not so monotonous, some patterns and design, must select wallpaper! Green planting The wallpaper of plants isn’t only beautiful but also full of natural scenery. Green vegetation, protected in layers, like green water jungle as gorgeous, lifelike texture makes people have the illusion to be in the jungle. natural The city’s reinforced concrete does not have any temperature and breath, if you want to have a picturesque home, select a wallpaper like this, the most primitive energy in our body awakened. After a lot of research and function pressure, when I arrived home, I noticed this wall. Gradual change Wallpaper has a selection of patterns and styles, and a good concave and convex shape. It is even more vivid and gorgeous than wall paint. Of course, additionally, it may satisfy the result that wall paint can not finish, such as beautiful gradation, wallpaper can be very easily done. 42995452264 56bc3d79b2 geometry Sometimes, wallpaper does not need to have complex and simple geometric shapes and combinations, and there are infinite possibilities. Those who advocate simple lifestyle will surely love this wallpaper. Custom painting How come the wallpaper in other people’s home so good? In fact, there are increasingly more Classic Wallcoverings families to pick the wall cloth now, the benefit of the wall fabric lies in the long life, and it is a entire piece. There is no seam after the paving, and the advantage won’t appear. The picture is also the whole effect. It is very beautiful. Wallpaper is very rich in kinds of expression, to adjust to different spaces or places, different passions and hobbies as well as different prices have different choices. A wallpaper can make complexity and modification the style of the whole environment. Hurry up get