The tacit match between the curtain + wallpaper in the home style is like the director uses the film to interpret the lens language. The high quality of the curtains and wallpapers will make the family space more artistic, gorgeous and warm. So, how should we perfectly interpret the color relationship in the home, and how to coordinate the color of the wallpaper and curtains? Today, I am going to talk to you.
First, solid color matching
Clever use of solid color wallpaper not only enhances temperament, but also makes the space look warm and dynamic.
▼ Light coffee color wallpaper & bright yellow curtains, with a beige sofa, inadvertently outline a warm and romantic picture.
Light coffee color + bright yellow
▼ Lake Blue Wallpaper & Dark Blue Curtain, effectively relieve stress and Modern Style Wall covering fatigue, step by step, and dynamic.
Lake blue + dark blue
Second, with the same color
If you don’t know how to coordinate the color of wallpapers and curtains, try the same color combination, you can use the color to change the layering.
▼ beige curtains & pure white wallpaper, to maximize the light of indoor and outdoor.
Beige white + pure white
▼Dark grey wallpaper & light gray curtains, each moment faintly reveals the petty life of the petty bourgeoisie, the space is more spacious.
Third, the color match
Shun color means that the color of the wallpaper and the curtain are the same. Children’s shoes that want exclusive customization can choose this combination.
▼Shun wallpaper background color: The color of wallpaper and curtains are gray, but the pattern is different, so it is neat and tidy
▼Shun pattern: Wallpapers and curtains use a uniform vertical bar pattern, which has a personal custom taste.
Fourth, the contrast coordination
If you 43664530842 d72fbb43cd don’t like to match the same color, then the color selection of wallpapers and curtains can be coordinated by contrast or adjacent colors.
▼ light blue wallpaper & gray-green curtains, fresh and clean feelings come to the surface.
▼ Blue wallpaper & beige curtains make the whole room look more three-dimensional.