¿Cuál es el estilo suave de instalación suave en casa?

Soft style This soft form, emphasizes the simple style but without losing the richness of the content. It is the earliest in the last century at the beginning of this century all kinds of real estate real estate real estate model room and office buildings, the pursuit of a little bit of luxury in the design of the imitation of the type, and gradually formed a black walnut as the main woodworking decorative panel style, A large number of appear in the ordinary home decoration.

First, the soft style in the soft design to learn to use the correct use of the method.

The essence of the doctrine is to go to its dregs, whichever is the essence. The first is to clear the purpose of soft equipment, for the soft style of the characteristics to find their own information needed. Never at your fingertips, lose the essence of softness. Once you have identified your own home soft device to use a soft style, may wish to listen to other people’s views, but for those who do not meet the soft style of the elements can be in the “abandon the spirit” boldly get rid of it. So that you can really enjoy the benefits of the use of doctrine.

Second, the soft style in the home with a good grasp of the following four principles

1, furniture selection to focus on quality

Soft style home soft suit pursuit and focus on the comfort of life, sofas and beds, to accompany us through the life of most of the time. Therefore, the soft installation of the proposed you, in the soft style to create soft home, tables, wardrobe and other furniture may be able to purchase some cheaper, but must ensure that these two pieces of furniture grade and comfort, so that their full enjoyment of the sofa and Bed of extravagant life.

2, to create a soft style of home improvement, but also must pay attention to the purchase of quality and taste of the decorations.

3, from the pragmatism to carry out indoor layout

Regardless of the style of the use of soft, soft designers in the design of the time not only pay attention to aesthetics, but also to pay attention to the practicality of decoration, taking into account all aspects of the future, in the home storage layout, more Work hard. For example, although the ceiling light neatly nice, but will form a visual barrier to backlight, in fact, is not practical. Auxiliary light source should be installed to coordinate lighting. Again, the open kitchen is very trendy, but to take into account the future to live together, so semi-open removable compartment is the most appropriate.

4, soft style home is more suitable for bright yellow and blue

Soft style home soft suits are mostly used in yellow, blue, and beige and so can make people quiet colors, reflecting the style of moderateism, smooth people’s inner impetuous, soft to remind you, red, black, purple is so beautiful Color is easy to feel impetuous, and soft style of demand is completely contrary to the run, so in the soft style of home soft equipment, red, black, purple color is not suitable for this.

Soft style, this simple but without losing the content of the form of decoration, for living in a fast and fast-paced work and life in the modern people, is very suitable. To create a soft style of home soft it, so that they enjoy a comfortable and high quality of life, and learn from Thanksgiving life, return life.