Wallpapers are indeed an excellent way to instantly elevate the existing look of your interior and actually, it’s surely a smart idea if you are striving to accentuate the interior of the house on a budget. Perhaps this can be one of the reasons why wallpapers and wallpaper paste go hand in hand. Although there are easy ways available, there also exist some special wallpaper materials which require special glue/adhesive. And you can find that ideal glue in our store.

You get an option to buy wallpaper paste or powder to mix. But the option isn’t just limited to these two, furthermore, there are numerous varieties of power wallpaper paste.

The powder varieties generally come in paper packaging and are advised to store in a dry place. And preparing the solution from the powder is really a cinch. In fact, you can do it with your eyes shut – all it needs to be mixed with water according to individual instructions. Leave the paste to rest for some time (you can find the soaking time on the package), to soak the water and attain jelly-like consistency.

Features of our PVC wallpaper glue:

  • It has a strong paste,
  • made of potato starch-based clear wallpaper
  • they are environment-friendly
  • And cheery on the top feature is, they are non-toxic.
  • Easily blendable
  • Lightweight
  • Do not dry too fast

Other perks of these power adhesive are:

  • Easy to clean and remove
  • Spreads and flow like a dream
  • Non-Staining
  • Contain biocides that resist fungal and mildew from forming underneath the wallpaper.
  • Let the wall breadth
  • Are good go with almost any primer
  • Are perfect choice for heavy paper-based wallpaper
  • It contains resin to boost the adhesive strength

There are indeed many benefits of these PVC wallpaper glue and of course, these benefits make them perfect for heavy wallpapers like wood chips, anaglypta, textured wallpaper and vinyl wallpaper.

So don’t think much and choose these PVC wallpaper glue to give walls a seamless smooth finish. To read more about them explore our website https://wallpaper-ssj.com/vinyl-wallpapers/

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