¿Durante cuánto tiempo se lavan las cortinas?


¡Pocas personas se darán cuenta de las cortinas de la limpieza, demasiado grande, el intercambio no es conveniente, el siguiente para enseñarle acerca de qué hora de lavar las cortinas más apropiado!

一、The role of curtains and the reasons for the small number of clean

Curtains from the ventilation port recently, you can block the outside of the dust into the beautiful and beautiful curtains will give us the decoration icing on the cake.

1. Curtain fabric thick, large size, the water is too heavy, clean very troublesome, dry is also a very serious problem;

2. Choose a relatively fancy curtains, the fabric is not easy to clean, after cleaning is also easy to deformation, such as lace lace, silk and other fabrics

3. Can not see how bad he was in the end, with tight time, will not deliberately clean

二、How to clean curtains.

1. Wipe the ashes on the glass every two weeks with a wiping cloth on the floor. The extra part of the floor will not be wet when cleaning the floor, so that it is easy to fade and easily fade.

2. You can use the washing machine to wash directly, you can also get a special dry cleaners to clean, if the manual hand wash, then may not wash clean people will feel very tired. But do not put the curtains in the washing machine dehydration or drying, likely to cause deformation of the curtains, so that may not look good! After the end of the cleaning to dry in the place where the sun exposure.

3. If people with respiratory tract infection in the home before the best cleaning disinfection, to avoid infection.

三、How long to clean a curtain

According to the survey, 60% of the friends are cleaning every six months of curtains, and some friends can be a year or two years before cleaning, so easy to breed bacteria, causing respiratory infections. Material may also be faded little, affect the appearance. So it is recommended that you can still clean every two months, once again suggested that you wash once a year.