brick wallpaper

Be it home, office, restaurant or gym we almost spend our entire day encompassing around the four walls. Now, when we already know we have to live within these walls, the interior designers have worked their fingers to the bone to add the exquisite elements to it. We often have witnessed people expressing their love and admiration for exposed raw brick walls. I guess that’s why! Among all the aesthetic wallpaper, brick wallpaper has emerged as a much loved industrial look, to commemorate the beauty of raw building materials. 

Not every home has brick walls and adding them requires a major renovation and expenditure though you can enjoy the same look without getting into a mess and shelling out much. With 3d brick wallpapers, you can skip all the procedures and get a similar authentic look for less. Although a wallpaper wall would not match the real texture and dimension of real brick but from an aesthetic point of view, you can achieve what you desired for. 

Brick wallpaper is among the hottest interior designing trends used for its universal appeal, they are perfect for decorating living room alcoves, chimney-breasts, or in a room.  With its rustic charm and appealing beauty of the raw brick wall, it’s perfect for anyone who is looking to move away from the stereotypical decoration and towards versatile style. 

If you concern if your room’s theme will go with the wallpaper then don’t brood! We have got this as well! 3d brick wallpaper. We have shelved the gorgeous looking wallpaper in numerous colours and design for your whole house. 

White brick wallpaper simply looks great and is a beautiful choice for a backsplash. Any other effects can’t beat this white painted brick effect. It’s ideal for smaller spaces as soft light colour adds the illusion of space, this design adds a texture to walls without dominating existing decoration.  As they are washable it’s also ideal for the kitchen or utility room. 

The Black brick wallpaper has a calm imploring look and endorsed with simplicity. They are perfect for modern and contemporary spaces. Embrace the black beauty with minimalistic and same tone furniture, the monochrome vogue adds an extra characteristic to an industrial style scheme. 

Grey brick wallpaper coordinates nicely with the kitchen cabinets and hardware. Also, add this in your cart if you are thinking of creating an accent wall, it adds warmth to the room and retains a bright and open look.  The peeling effect adds the essence of realism to the design which ultimately gives contemporary loft-living feel. 

The old weathered Red brick wallpaper has been enveloped with lots of uniqueness, authenticity and realism – which makes it perfect for accent walls and backsplashes. The great detailed printing creates a light and shadow effect that gives this brick wallpaper a realistic look. They are perfect for adding more rustic touch and to provide an edge to your hallway or outdoor gallery. 

We all know how much pink lures the kids, no wonder your kids would love this pink brick wallpaper decoration in one nook. The soft pink brick wallpaper for the bedroom gives a vintage vibe at the same time it’s simple and versatile which goes with all different space and decor. 

Brick wallpapers for home never go out of trend although it’s easy to maintain and install- you need to just peel off and stick on walls for the makeover. They are waterproof and stain resistance which makes the brick wallpaper ideal for kitchen and bathroom as well. We have got varieties of theme and colour to match your needs.

Choose the brick wallpaper for the kitchen, which is highly durable and specially designed to tolerate the wear and tear. 

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1.Does brick wallpaper look good?

The answer is, absolutely yes! If you want to add texture and give the niche an ancient glimpse then brick wallpaper can be a brilliant addition that can lend elegance and beauty while looking so simple, rustic and natural.

2. Is brick wallpaper in trend?

Traditionally they were mostly in the hallway, living room and at the entrance but now when the aesthetic game has entirely changed these wallpapers have spread their wings all around. Hence, in recent times they have become a popular addition in rooms, kitchen etc.

3. Which colour seamlessly blends with brick wallpaper?

If you are thinking of adding brick texture for creating featured walls then try combining neutral colours with red family brick wallpaper. But if you prefer to add a pop of colour and catch all the eyes, then infuse black and white wallpaper with warm grey, cherry brown or anything which adds contrast.

4. How to line brick wallpaper to enhance the visual

  1. Add wooden furniture & decor and some lush to balance it all.
  2. Try adding a pop of colours
  3. Use it on just one wall
  4. Lean large accent to compliment it well

To know more

5. How to install brick wallpaper?

  1. Prepare the surface by peeling off existing wallpaper
  2. Clean the wall
  3. Peel off a small portion of backing paper and stick it on the wall
  4. Check if it is straight and in place.
  5. Continue gradually removing the backing paper and sticking it on the surface.
  6. Using any hard and flat object keeps on swiping it in a downward direction.
  7. Repeat the procedure to cover the entire wall.

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1. Q: Are you factory or trading company?
A: We are not only a trading company but also a professional fabric wallpaper/wall cloth factory.

2. Q: What is your MOQ?
A: The minimum order quantity is 2.8 square meters.(1meters)
3. Q: How many wall cloth collections do you have?
A: We have a lot of products to offer and new products are updating constantly.
4. Q: Do you provide free samples?
A: Yes, we provide free samples. If you are interested in our style, you can send it is
photo to us, you should just pay the delivery.
5. Q: Which size do you have?
A: Our length is not limited, but in width, we only have 2.8-3.0 meters.
6. Q: Can you accept customization?
A:Yes,we can make produces based on customer’s design.
7 .Q: Is there any color difference?
A: There is some slight color difference between different batches of wall covering,
so pls purchase enough square meters or rolls at a time to make sure they come
from the same batch to avoid color difference.
8. Q: What should I do if I want to know more details or make order?
A: Pls write enquiry directly to our sales in Alibaba. And we will talk details with you
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