Huge wall murals, artistic vibrant designs are becoming a staple at restaurants,  offices, hospitals, and even at homes all across the globe. Perhaps the reason why interior design companies have been putting all their efforts to bring forth amazing, jaw-dropping designs. PVC wallpaper and all the effort of the designers are actually worth the hype. As they don’t only elevate the dull boring wall but they are also designed to last long and resist moisture & stain. And the best feature of these vibrant wallpapers is, they are super affordable and lend you a niche that looks subtle yet stylish.

The other perks of these polyvinyl chloride wallpapers are: they offer a huge variety of designs to choose from, they are highly durable and doesn’t peel away, they require less maintenance, they are designed to last long, doesn’t fade away, are stain-resistant and are invented to add elegance and beauty to the walls. Apart from the added benefits, people find them ideal also because of ease of installation.  Yes, our PVC wallpapers are highly acclaimed and liked by the customer due to their spectacular surface and quick installation. So if you have planned to decorate or redecorate your interior with these super amazing self-adhesive PVC wallpapers then follow these simple steps and give a contemporary look to your walls.

Tools you need to keep by your side

  • Putty knife
  • Scissorsor cutting ruler
  • Brushes
  • Roller
  • Cloth or sponge
  • Dish wash or soapy water
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Squeegee

Clean the wall

Be it any wallpaper installation this cleaning procedure always remains the same. Besides, it’s also essential for accomplishing a seamless smooth finish.

The first thing is stripping off the existing wallpaper before installing the self-adhesive wallpaper. After peeling, clean off the wallpaper glue from the wall using a soapy water sponge or mesh cloth. Guarantee your partitions are free from textures, mud, and so forth, repair the damage if there are any – fill holes of blemishes and allow it to utterly dry before installing a new one.

Prepare the wall

Before you jump onto sticking the wallpaper it’s necessary to paint the whole wall with primer or a sizer for an even installation. This will take away all the dirt while allowing the wallpaper to sit properly hence the final result barely looks tacky. However, don’t paint too many days sooner than you actually start sticking.

Take measurements

It’s important to take all measurements of the wall, partitions and sections to cut the paper and avoid any messy & costly mistakes. So with the help of measuring tape or ruler, measure the areas and mark on the film with the help of a pencil.

Cut it carefully

Leaving two inches of gap cut the marked areas using scissors or cutting ruler. Cut the sides 5cm longer than the measured areas.

Stick to the walls

Peel off and fold release paper around 4inches from the edge and temporarily attach the film to align each side. Once you are satisfied that the film is perfectly aligned and balanced, start carefully sticking it from the top of the wall. Gradually remove the backing paper while sticking it in the place in a fan-shaped motion.

Finish the process

To eliminate all the entrapped air bubbles apply enough pressure to all surfaces. You can apply pressure by pressing with a squeegee or sponge or cloth at a 45-degree angle against the surface. After applying the sheet, cut off the excess part to achieve a furnished look.

Repeat the entire process to cover the whole wall.

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