No wonder getting your walls painted is the most fascinating thing, the new vibe, energy, and feel infuses the room with refreshment. But unfortunately, with coveting style, they often tag along an awful odour strong enough to spoil the whole mood. Be it interior emulsions, exterior paints, texture paints, or no matter how expensive paint you choose they all contain chemicals that release exasperating fumes. The problem of irritating lingering smell is particularly prominent but, mostly, ventilation can be a solution for getting rid of them. However sometimes that’s not always enough to deal with, so, here we have come up with some simple and exotic tips to easily get rid of them.


Candles are the top pick for creating an ambience more cosy and romantic but the good news is you can also use them to bid adieu to toxic smells. The flame of a soy, beeswax candle or any scented candles is best to eliminate  VOCs from the air. But don’t forget and take care not to leave lit candles unattended, unless they’re in an area where children and pets won’t be able to reach them!


Yes, your kitchen ingredients can also be a great help! Just gather up some small bowls (about one cup) of apple cider or distilled white vinegar and place them in every corner of the room from where the freshest air can possibly come in – like near window sills. Let it be there for some time and it will absorb most of the smell within a couple of hours

Coffee ground

To change the aura of your newly painted home, using coffee beans could be the best alternative. Not only are they great at absorbing paint fumes and reducing strong smells but also bring a soothing feeling throughout the room. All you need to do is, just put a bowl of coffee in your room and let them absorb the awful smell. But be sure to dispose of them in the dustbin once the job is done.


It may sound absurd but yes, there’s no doubt onions can save you this time! Because the onion’s smell is more natural than the paint’s odour it acts as an antidote to break them down. So, simply slice up two medium onions and place them in saucers around your room. When you’re done for the day, don’t use these to cook with because they might have absorbed VOCs!

Baking soda

Another kitchen ingredient for your rescue is’ baking soda’; just place a bowl full of baking soda in the painted space and it will absorb bad odour while eliminating even the strongest smells from your house. Besides, this trick is useful enough to eliminate even the smell of wallpaper adhesive, so if you are someone who doesn’t like that smell then you can use this trick!

Next time don’t just wait for them to go away, instead try these super simple quick tricks. We can be more of your help if you want to try out wallpapering then find modern to aesthetic and contemporary brick wallpaper on our website for any other help or advice call us on  +39 3471 65 17 22