The air compressor is used to generate compressed air. It is also called a compressed surroundings machine. The compressor straight drives the compressor to make the crankshaft rotate. The linking rod drives the piston to reciprocate, leading to the cylinder volume to change.

The machine used to create compressed air, also called compressed air machine, also known as air compressor, short for air compressor
A. description of A compressor: A machine that pressurizes A gas and constantly delivers it.Are as follows: the relationship between the level of a gas and pressure V1 * P2 P1 = V2 T1 T2 V: volume, P: pressure (absolute pressure), temperature (absolute temperature) (quantity is inversely proportional to the pressure, pressure when the volume to 1/2 to two times) B, by this is of a compressor to atmosphere compressor air compressor could be understood as building the scene of the compressed atmosphere as dealing with compressed surroundings machine.Therefore, we must look at the characteristics of compressed air, that’s, the standard of compressed air utilized for work.Included in this: the quantity of compressed air — — — — — — — — — — — — — level of compressed air force — — — — — — — — — — — — — the pressure of compressed air quality — — — — — — — — — — technical standards (including the clean degree, dryness, etc.) of the compressed air in manufacturing costs — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — the working effectiveness of the air compressor — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — – air compressor preventive maintenance cost — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — – air compressor works (energy conservation) — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — – surroundings compressor maintenance needed labor, etc(1) multilateral curve compression (the compression method actually used): it is a compression method that releases part of the temperature generated, has heat exchange with the exterior, and differs from isothermal compression and adiabatic compression.Equal temperature compression: when a gas is certainly compressed, the mechanical energy is usually transformed into heat energy, which increases the temperature of the gas. This temperature energy is immediately recinded from the outside and the temp is always kept constant.(3) adiabatic compression: an adiabatic compression technique without heating or removing high temperature from the outside.

The motor drives the compressor directly, leading to the crankshaft to rotate, traveling the connecting rod to make the piston reciprocate, causing the cylinder volume change.Due to the change of pressure in the cylinder, through the inlet valve to help make the air through the air filter (silencer) into the cylinder, in the compression stroke, because of the cylinder volume decrease, the role of compressed air flow through the exhaust valve, the exhaust pipe, one-method valve (check valve) to storage space tanks, when the exhaust pressure to attain the rated pressure of 0.7 MPa is managed by a pressure switch and automatic end.When the pressure of the vehicle’s gas tank drops to 0.5-0.6mpa, the pressure change is automatically linked and started.
[oil-free lubrication screw air compressor :]
The ZW series air compressor is lubricated by pure water according to the normal water standard.Therefore, what’s provided is definitely 100% oil free of charge clean compressed air.
Superior electric control system with superior technology, caring and considerate maintenance instruction
Each device adopts microcomputer control program, with self-medical diagnosis and protection function.Chinese LCD panel can display the real operation 28951948337 7dcb3da286 of the machine.If the machine fails, the computer control system will respond according to different situations.The computer control system can prompt the user to change the parts and make necessary maintenance. The computer system of the unit has reserved spare output.Be sure you work securely 24 hours per day.
Uppercase original imported mainframe
The screw machine is lubricated by the single screw water of mitsui company in Japan. Following its listing in 1982, it has been tested in the Stone paper Wall covering market for nearly 20 years and provides proved its advanced specialized quality in quality of air, energy conservation and high reliability.Due to its perfect structure, it really is completely symmetric and balanced compression. It has much less vibration and less noise
[oil free screw surroundings compressor :]
Product features
1. Electrical control system with excellent technology, caring and considerate maintenance instruction that each unit adopts microcomputer control program, with self-diagnosis and security function.The display panel can show the actual operation of the machine.If the unit fails, the computer control system will respond according to different situations.The computer control system can prompt an individual to change the parts and make necessary maintenance. The computer program of the unit has reserved spare result.Be sure you work properly 24 hours per day.
2. The original imported main machine screw is certainly lubricated by the one screw water of mitsui firm, Japan. After its listing in 1982, it’s been verified searching for almost 20 years, and its own advanced technical quality has been proved in the quality of air, energy conservation and high reliability.Because of its perfect structure, it is completely symmetric and balanced compression. It has much less vibration and less sound.
3. Completely oil-free air quality water replaces oil, achieving the four functions of lubrication, cooling, sealing and noise decrease, offering high-quality 100% oil-free air, pollution-free of charge and discharge drinking water without special treatment, conference environmental protection requirements.Because of the action of drinking water, its compression is ideal isothermal compression, each device horsepower of the air volume compared to the general dried out compressor increased result by 15%.
4. Power-saving capability adjustment 0-100% control/full-load no-load when the system’s gas intake decreases, the machine pressure begins to increase. When the controller receives the transmission of pressure increase, it begins to gradually decrease the starting of the air inlet valve.When the gas intake of the machine increases, the pressure of the machine begins to decrease. When the controller receives the transmission of the pressure decrease, the starting of the atmosphere inlet valve (or even the full opening) is gradually improved.If the gas consumption of the system continues to decrease, when the machine pressure rises to the setting of empty vehicle pressure, the controller will shut the air inlet valve completely, which time and space compressor will start to run empty.
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Quantity type: reciprocating (piston type, diaphragm type), rotary (slide type, screw type) swiftness type: centrifugal type, axial flow type, mixed movement type
Based on the air compressor result pressure size classification
Low pressure air flow compressor – 0.2-1.0 MPa medium pressure air compressor – 1.0-10 MPa high-pressure air compressor – 10-100 MPa superhigh pressure compressor – > 1 oompa4) according to the air compressor output flow (displacement) classification of micro – – small – – 1-10 m3 / min medium – 10-100 m3 / min huge — – > 100 m3 / min.