fabric wall covering

When deciding on how you want your interior walls to look, there are many different alternatives which can make your head spin! However, we can see how incredible and popular designs we’ve got these days. With the resurgence of the versatile, vivid wall covering choices, comes numerous contemporary development in wallpaper materials. Bid adieu to the hard old days when stripping off and installing wall coverings were troublesome. Now you can enjoy varieties of material that are easy to work with. Out of all those various options, in this blog we will be talking about fabric wall coverings. 

Yes, you heard it right… now we even get to select fabric for our walls as well!

Although it’s not something new, if we turn back the pages of history, we can find it’s always been around in many different cultures. 

However, the modern world has turned back to time and seems like people are enjoying and can’t get enough of it. 

What is fabric wall coverings 

As the name explains, it’s a wall covering which uses fabric for the wall decoration.  They can certainly be the best solution if you live in a rented apartment or want a temporary change or if you are someone whose mind flicks often and likes to give a new touch in every few months. 

We’ve got pretty varied options in our creative and decorating industry, so as in the fabric wall covering products for the home.  For the fabric wall covering, it falls into two main categories – one is tapestry another is similar-to-wallpaper. 

Tapestry-like Walls

It’s often found in almost every culture type. It’s been around like forever. We often see them having biblical prints or something connected to nature. However, nowadays Bohemian-style art in drapes is becoming popular. They usually do not cover the whole wall, they are more like large rectangular or square fabric which can be hung or pinned at the top two corners. They are super easy to wash and maintain as they can be removed easily by removing the pins. 

Wallpaper-esqué Walls

Pasting wallpapers can be a bit of a headache but fabric wallpaper saves you from the troublesome mess. You get the option to work with a single panel of fabric for a seamless finish and you can even opt for strips if the walls are uneven and of different heights. Measuring the fabric for the wall follows the same process as wallpaper. Although the pasting process needs a bit of attention, you should keep in mind, the fabric shrinks as it dry, so you should always take into account some extra fabric. 

Perks of fabric wall coverings

Easy to clean: if it is pinned over a board then you can easily remove, give it a spin and put it back on your wall. 

Sound absorbent: apart from being easy to use they have an added benefit of being partially sound absorbent.

Cleanly removable: you just require a water damped sponge to clean it off from the walls. It neither leaves any residue nor damages the walls. 

Mould resistance: as we are aware, fabrics are breathable and porous, it enables air to freely pass in and out. The ventilation makes less hospitable to mould spores and less vulnerable to mould growth. 


It Fades away when exposed to heat: the colour the fabric gets discoloured with heat, that makes it less likeable choice for the places prone to heat like- stovetops, dryers, or other heat-generating appliances. Yet, choosing a dark-colour fabric might help. 

Moisture alert: it contains liquid starch which tends to dissolve with exposure to water, moisture makes it vulnerable so the chances of getting off the wall in humid places are likely high.

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  1. How do you cover walls with fabric wallpaper?

Fabric wallpaper is a great alternative for ordinary wallpaper and paints, and the perfect solution for renters who may be required to leave the room in its original condition. Hanging these wallpaper doesn’t call for any extra attention, so it can be tackled the same way as other papers.

  1. What is fabric wall covering?

Fabric wall covering is basically a textile wall covering laminated to backing paper to enhance stability, and prevent the wallpaper glue from coming off the surface.

  1. How many types of wall covering are there?

The various types of wall covering are – PVC, vinyl, 3D, brick wallpaper, fabric, woven, nonwoven, etc.

  1. Does fabric wallpaper damage the wall?

The answer is, absolutely no, fabric wallpaper doesn’t harm your wall, rather they are super easy to install and remove.

You will just require to dampen the wallcovering and the fabric wallpaper will leave the adhesive.

  1. How do you hide a dirty wall?

There are myriad ways to cover the dirt accumulated over walls, wallpapers, paints, wall hanging, anything that will work depending upon your preferences and budget. If the discoloration of walls is dark and huge then wallpaper can be the cheapest and best option.

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1. Q: Are you factory or trading company?
A: We are not only a trading company but also a professional fabric wallpaper/wall cloth factory.

2. Q: What is your MOQ?
A: The minimum order quantity is 2.8 square meters.(1meters)
3. Q: How many wall cloth collections do you have?
A: We have a lot of products to offer and new products are updating constantly.
4. Q: Do you provide free samples?
A: Yes, we provide free samples. If you are interested in our style, you can send it is
photo to us, you should just pay the delivery.
5. Q: Which size do you have?
A: Our length is not limited, but in width, we only have 2.8-3.0 meters.
6. Q: Can you accept customization?
A:Yes,we can make produces based on customer’s design.
7 .Q: Is there any color difference?
A: There is some slight color difference between different batches of wall covering,
so pls purchase enough square meters or rolls at a time to make sure they come
from the same batch to avoid color difference.
8. Q: What should I do if I want to know more details or make order?
A: Pls write enquiry directly to our sales in Alibaba. And we will talk details with you
about the fabric wallpaper/wall cloth.