After we return home from a hectic tiring day, the only thing people crave is some pieces of peace and good quality sleep. But these two things become impossible if you are surrounded by unwanted noises. Be it constantly honking sound or noisy neighbours or whatever reason everything contributes to yank your clam even in your own oasis and especially if you dwell in the metropolis. These reasons dragoon us to discover some ways to get out of the loop. When we think of soundproofing, installing acoustic panels are the first and cheapest options that come to mind – especially compared to other options.

Whether it be improving audio quality, blocking sound from entering and leaving the room, reducing the sound waves reflected off the walls, curtailing echo & reverberation, acoustic panels are supposed to be the first advice we perhaps receive. But there is still some scepticism among the owners. So today we are going to deal with it and give an honest review if the acoustic panels are worth investing in or not.

What are they?

The acoustic panels are soundproofing panels that are designed to deaden and dampen sounds and improve the sound quality of your existing place. They eliminate background noises and echo by controlling the sound waves from bouncing back off walls. There are different types of soundproofing materials available in the market. However, for effectiveness, it’s really important to choose the correct type of panel depending upon the type of sound you are trying to block of cover, and what space you will be using it for.

Soundproofing panels are generally lightweight and carved out of different sorts of foams. They are placed on the walls which are required to correct the acoustics of the room such as studios, room, conference room, office, theatre, recording rooms etc. However even after choosing the best type if it is not placed correctly it won’t deliver the desired result, ergo, it’s really essential to place them correctly.

How do they work?

When sound waves travel in the air, they hit the hard surfaces of the room and bounce back. This keeps going on a loop and gives birth to vibration and reverberation. By installing the acoustic panels, when waves will hit them, they will vibrate and increase friction around pores of foam resulting in absorbing the waves.

So, the panels work great in absorbing the sound waves and reducing the effect of echo and reverberation however if you want to block the noise from entering and leaving them you may require to add some extra soundproofing material along with the panel. Alone the panels are well capable of improving the acoustics of the room but can’t entirely soundproof it especially if you live in a noisy neighbourhood. So if your goal is to achieve a quiet space with no sounds bouncing around then they are a great fit.

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