As everybody knows, there are many kinds of wallpapers, rich in styles, and relatively simple in construction. The important thing is that the result is extremely warm, so it is pretty common in home decoration at this time, and in the living area, it is often used in TV. In the background wall, as for its paving, some individuals will select the whole store. Of course, many people will choose half store or match other materials. Of program, the result of each type of paving method is different. Let’s take a look at the case!
一. the entire TV wall structure is completely wallpapered
The whole TV wall is filled with wallpaper, which is not at all hard. Compared with the large white wall, this can make the area more abundant;
▼For the corridor next to the TV wall, it is advisable to extend the wallpaper to thewall of the corridor in order to avoid the difficulty of turning and the trouble of turning;
▼ Vertical wallpaper, which can be utilized to create a woody visual sense;
▼The leaf-like wallpaper, with a distinctive color tone and the entire space, is extraordinarily Zen-like; while the problem of closing the edge, it is much simpler to block through a display;
▼Water-patterned wallpaper, with the setting of spotlights, can create a mottled water-vision vision;
▼ Don’t like the same wallpaper, you may consider the whole painting pattern, the overall visual appearance of this wallpaper is even more artistic, and the decorative effect is stronger;
二、 combined with cabinet
If it is a little apartment or today’s American style, you can consider the symmetry of the TV wall as a storage space cabinet, and the center placement is wallpapered. This effect is very good;
▼ Like the picture below, if you want to make a projector after Original Wallcoverings making a wallpaper, you may pre-install a drooping curtain on the ceiling of the ceiling;
▼If the TV wall is a non-bearing wall, then you can certainly make wall shackles on both sides of the TV wall, combined with the shape of the middle wallpaper, the effect is quite generous and upscale;
▼The storage cabinets on both sides, the lower part of the storage cabinet + the top part was created with the display cabinet, the overall appearance is more beautiful;
三、 combined with the edge line
The whole wall wallpaper is too exaggerated, rustic 3441673 340and the partial stickers are not easy to close, so you can use the edge line form to close the edges, and also make a beautiful shape;

▼The within the TV wall is decorated with ornamental lines, and the wallpaper is placed in the centre. Some warm letters are hung on the wall structure. The whole living space is filled up with romantic and enjoyable atmosphere.
▼ arched door form + Zen-like wallpaper, the overall match is definitely elegant and dignified;
▼ Retro copper TV cabinet and coffee table, with old newspaper texture wallpaper, under the modern American space, the overall atmosphere is low-key high end and high-end;
▼If the pre-planning is good, you may make a slight concave form on it wall if you are hard-packing, and then carefully put the wallpaper on it, which is fairly neat and generous;